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Fairway Santiago 2023

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Travel agency

Rutas Meigas

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At Rutas Meigas we create unique experiences for pilgrims wanting to do the Camino de Santiago and travellers interested in exploring the north of Spain and Portugal.


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The leading platform in experiences and services for the Camino de Santiago with a presence in 25 countries. We have the best experience in designing customised travel programmes and the largest interactive planner in real time, which more than 30,000 people use every year.

Experiencias del Destino

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We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals from the world of tourism, leisure, entertainment, event organisation, free time, and above all, persons committed to the territory’s sustainability and people’s wellbeing.

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Camino Ways is the leading organiser of organised trips along the Camino de Santiago.

S-Cape Travel

A travel agency specialising in self-guided trekking and cycling.

Tee Travel

A travel agency specialising in tourist itineraries centred on Trekking, Cycling Tourism, Wine Tourism, and Cultural Trips. We are pioneers in the Camino de Santiago adapted to pilgrim needs, for both individuals and small groups, first on foot and then by bike with the appearance of our “Camino en Bici” brand.

We Galicia

We Galicia is a reception travel agency registered with Galicia Tourism. We have a multidisciplinary team made up of experts on worldwide travel.