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City hall

Padrón Town Council

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In Padrón we are the Camino and the destination. We are a stopping point on several Camino de Santiago routes, and we are also the destination: the end of one of the oldest routes, the Camino de Santiago to Padrón.

Mondoñedo Town Council

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Information and tourism service related to Mondoñedo’s Historic District, its municipal district, and the Northern Way, as well as the services, accommodation and eating establishments, and cultural activities of Mondoñedo Town Council.


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Braga is one of the oldest bishoprics and the start or stopover point of five Camino routes recognised by the Church: the Camino Central, the Camino de Torres, the Camino de Geira y Arrieiros, the Camino Ribeiro de Minhoto, and the Camino de São Rosendo.

Santiago de Compostela Tourism

A municipal company dependent on Santiago de Compostela City Council that manages all the city’s policy regarding foreign promotion, the creation and management of tourist products, staffing municipal tourist information offices, and promoting initiatives that support congress tourism, marketing, and that promote tourist quality.