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Fairway Santiago 2023

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This association has the general objective of favouring the progress and growth of the sailing sector in the north of Spain, facilitating and promoting the Camino de Santiago by boat.

Federação Portuguesa do Caminho de Santiago

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Today, the contribution of the Portuguese Caminos leading to Santiago de Compostela in the sociocultural and tourist development of the different regions that they pass through and their respective positive impacts in the local economy, mainly in inland Portugal.

Galician Tourism Cluster

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The Galician Tourism Cluster (CTG in Spanish) is a business association that is active throughout Galicia in relation to its tourist sector.

Camiño Miñoto Ribeiro

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The “Camiño Miñoto Ribeiro” Association was created in 2014 to revive, promote, and obtain official status for the Camino Miñoto Ribeiro a Santiago de Compostela.


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AVITURGA is a regional, non-profit association that represents the owners of tourist homes in Galicia. We provide our members with services and consultancy with regard to tourism and help them to improve the quality of their homes.


At Solpor we work in promoting the Camino de Santiago to Fisterra and Muxía, being committed to taking care of the material and immaterial heritage of the itinerary and improving the pilgrims’ experience.


Volunteer Association (VO1646) devoted to Caminos.

Business Association of the Primitive Way

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Association of Business Association of the Primitive Way, a non-profit organisation created for the comprehensive promotion of the Primitive Way, as well as defence and promotion of its members in carrying out their business activities related to the Primitive Way.