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8 Tips for doing the Camino de Santiago with your dog

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The Camino is an unforgettable experience for anyone who decides to follow the yellow arrows to Compostela. Doing it accompanied by your best friend will undoubtedly be an experience that will change your life and will unite you even more. However, we must recognize that the Camino with your dog is a complex journey that you have to prepare before for enjoy together one of the best moments of your life.

We have compiled some tips to make it easier for you to plan the trip and that both of you can enjoy this beautiful experience.

1.Prepare previously

It is always recommended to carry out previous preparation before starting the Camino. And that training must also be for dogs. Knowing our dog is essential, to know how much can walk and how much need to train. It it is advisable that a few months before starting the pilgrimage you start with long walks, so that both of you get used to it and you are ready for when the true pilgrimage arrives.

2. Plan the route

If planning is always necessary, in the case of carrying out the Camino with a dog, it is absolutely essential. The most important thing is the issue of accommodation. Not all hostels admit dogs, so it is necessary that you make a search and call a couple of days before to check that they effectively admit animals and that they have availability. Rural houses, hotels or camping are another option to rest with your friend.

3. The pads!

If we spent so much time choosing our shoes, the dogs would not be less. Their pads suffer a lot during long walks so it is necessary to take care of them. There is two options: using special shoes for dogs and also the use of protective products for their pads (which should be used also beforehand, so that they are ready for the route). The decision between one and the other depends on each dog, its comfort and its possibilities and also the length of the route you are going to make.

4. Deworming

Make sure you deworm your friend previously to the route, use a pipette and also carry a necklace. The Camino has many stretches that run between beautiful mountains and natural areas where fleas and other insects roam free. Protect your best friend so both can enjoy the Camino.

5. Hydration

That your dog is well hydrated is essential. Therefore, bring enough water for both is very important, especially in the stages that do not pass through rivers or springs. Also, on very hot days remember to wet them, so that it is cool and does not suffocate.

6. The food

A topic that usually brings many headaches is the feeding of our dogs during the Camino. Don´t worry. It is easier than it seems because in many of the towns through which the Camino passes there are supermarkets or small shops where you can buy your food daily. However it is advisable to always carry one or two kilos of feed (depending on the needs of the dog), a prize and cans. When you plan the route, review where you can buy more food and you will know the amounts that you must load. And do not worry, more than one pilgrim will drop some food for them.

7. Passed by water. Protect him!

Wearing a small raincoat for your dog is always a good idea, since it does not weigh and will protect them from the wetness that comes with walking in the rain. Also remember to bring a light towel for dry them in case it gets too wet, especially in winter.

8. Enjoy

Carrying out the Camino with your dog will make your bond even closer and allow you to build unforgettable memories. Plan, inform yourself and ask, but when you are on the Camino, concentrate on the only important thing: enjoy the pilgrimage to Compostela in the best company.

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