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13 Plans to do in Compostela after The Way

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Is there life after the Way? Of course! And precisely, Santiago de Compostela is one of the cities with the greatest offer of cultural activities in Galicia. From Fairway, we reveal the best-kept secrets of the capital that no one should miss. Take note!

The cathedral and its 4 squares

Lie backwards to enjoy the facade in the Obradoiro, thrill listening to the bagpiper on your way to Azabachería, discover which one is Quintana de Vivos and which is Quintana de Muertos (and look for the shadow of the pilgrim at night), take a look at the feet of the horses in Platerías and lose yourself figuring out the meanings of the only Romanesque portal that preserves the cathedral.

In addition, once inside the cathedral, you can also look for the largest scallop shell that is kept there, or contemplate the historic area from the highest roofs of Compostela. Did you know that there is no higher building than the cathedral in the whole city?“Tapas” in the Old Town”
 It’s time for a break … you’ve travelled too many miles! How do a pint and a “tapa” on a terrace sound? The months between May and October are the best for this, for the environment and, above all,  the temperature, which allows all establishments to take their umbrellas out in the sun. And since you’re enjoying the historic side of the town, we propose a challenge: look for the most famous bell of the Rúa do Vilar (we give you a clue, you have to touch it with your eyes closed). 
A walk around the Alameda Park Now that you know that the Cathedral is the highest building in the city, you also understand why you can see it from any point of the same. Disregard the name, but we have the perfect angle to watch it: the Tree of Lovers, at the Paseo de la Herradura, in the Alameda. If you continue walking, you will arrive at the west viewpoint, which will surprise you at sunset with views of the South Campus of the University of Santiago de Compostela. Of course, you can not leave the Alameda (or the city), without greeting the Marías, that Compostela symbol reflected in the figure of Maruxa and Coralia, two sisters who, despite the repression of the Franco dictatorship, took a walk through the city in the middle of the university environment of the time.

We are sure that now you are even more excited about arriving at Santiago, but don’t hurry, enjoy The Way, we are waiting here with many more secrets!

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