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Fairway Santiago 2021

Logo fairway Blanco


Welcome to Fairway’s virtual fair. If you can’t come to Santiago and visit Fairway’s fair, we’ll show you the fair in a virtual way. You’ll thereby be able to move around it with ease, as if on a virtual tour. If you approach the stands, you’ll see that they feature interactive points where you can visualise different multimedia files such as videos, PDFs, etc. You’ll also see that at the desk, or close to each stand’s avatar, you can contact the brands. If you don’t have a password, you just have to introduce an email address and password to be able to enter the Virtual Fairway’s chatroom. Remember that there’s a general chatroom for all registered participants. If you want to speak with someone in particular, you just have to click on their name and choose the way you want to communicate, either by chatting or videoconference.

Here’s a small tutorial that shows you how easy it is to use the chatroom, click here to see it.